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Ready or Knot Weekend Tote Set

  • What could be more French than a blue and white striped Breton shirt? Credit Coco Chanel for introducing the “marinière” to the fashion world. After a trip to the French coast of Brittany, she was so inspired by the navel seaman uniform that she incorporated it into her 1917 nautical collection and voilà, a classic was born.

    Our tote and “pencil case” cosmetic pouch set is inspired by the look that Chanel made famous. The canvas tote is big enough for a day at the beach or a weekend getaway, and the cute cosmetic pouch with tiny French flag tag is perfect for all the small stuff.

    A Tyger Tyger exclusive set not to be found anywhere else.

    Tote: 13¾ x 12½ x 3¾ in.
    Cosmetic pouch: 7¾ x 3¼ x 1½ in.

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